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Whole Harmony Yoga

Whole Harmony Yoga

The journey of becoming a yoga instructor has been fabulous.  Not only have I gotten a deeper understanding of the poses and how to instruct them, but I am learning the philosophy of yoga and how to live the lifestyle of a yogi. I enjoy bringing this yoga philosophy into the class in addition to my knowledge of the anatomy.

Yoga is an ancient tradition designed to help people attain enlightenment.  Poses help us calm the body, align our energies, and prepare the body to sit still for meditation.  In yoga you must be fully present to experience the pose and really connect with your body.  It's not about forcing yourself to be flexible, it's about listening to where you are and breathing love into the tight spots.  That can also be a great metaphor for life!  When you hit a tight spot, get still and really listen to yourself and where you are.  Then breathe love into that challenge and see what happens!

This beginner level yoga class is designed to help you de-stress, come into the present moment, and release tension in the mind and body.  We'll start off with relaxation techniques to clear the mind and release emotional tension, then go through poses to relax, stretch, and strengthen the body, and finish with a meditation to soothe the soul.  I'm sure you'll find it helpful for the back, neck, and shoulders as well as mind and emotions. 

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