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About the Practitioner

Nina Elliott, LMT, CDT, RYT200

Nina Elliott graduated from University of Maryland Baltimore County with a degree in German & Russian and a minor in Psychology.  After progressing up the corporate ladder, she decided that she had 2 passions: 1. Helping people heal 2. Teaching. Nina taught in the corporate environment for 12 years and couldn't imagine giving that up completely.

She attended the Massage Institute of Maryland and quickly got her Massage Therapy License in 2008. Her vision was to own her own business doing light-touch massage and teaching. 

In September 2011, Nina started doing Massage Therapy full time--first at a ladies gym and then at a hospice, a salon, in her home, and now has an office in Colorado Springs, CO.

In June 2012 she completed a year long process of certification in the Dr. Vodder method of Manual Lymph Drainage.  Manual Lymph Drainage is a light technique which moves the excess fluid from the soft tissue into the lymph vessels and to the lymph nodes where it can be processed.  This technique is helpful to patients with Lymphedema, swelling of almost any kind, a variety of conditions, and as a pain management tool. She specializes in Manual Lymph Drainage to help remove toxins quickly from the body as well as bring the body's fluid into balance or harmony.

In 2015 Nina decided to add Myofascial Release to her repertoire!  This gentle modality works on all levels--physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual! AND it produces long term results!  Fascia is a web-like structure that supports us from head to toe.  When we encounter trauma--whether an accident, emotional trauma, or repeated daily stress--the fascia will thicken from a liquid crystal state to a more solid state and you will experience pain.  Myofascial Release uses pressure over a period of time (5 mins or more) to convert that solid state back to liquid crystal so that the pressure and pain are relieved.  The emotional energy trapped in that solid is also released.

After reading the book "The Resonance Effect" by Carolyn McMakin, Nina added Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) and TimeWaver Frequency to her practice.   These are tools that she often uses while doing Myofascial Release and/or Manual LYmphatic Drainage to help the body speed up the healing process and remove interference that is hard to get to otherwise. Using FSM, she has helped people catch a full breath after long term respiratory issues, be able to think clearly after brain fog, and relieve pain that wasn't going away.

Too often we focus on developing one aspect of ourselves and forget that we are multi-dimensional beings in need of overall balance and harmony. Nina has practiced meditation for 20 years and shares that practice by teaching meditation classes, facilitating spiritual book studies, and conducting workshops to help people connect with their soul.

Nina received her 200-hour registered yoga teacher certificate in May of 2017.  Yoga and yoga philosophy are wonderful ways to bring mind, body, and spirit together!

For several years now Nina has been using Tapping to help with a wide variety of concerns in life--from figuring out where to take her career, to relieving pain, reducing sinus congestion, to letting go of grief.  She has found it so useful that she decided to include it in her services.  It is a tool everyone should have in their toolbox!

She has also studied a variety of self-development tools (such as  Inner Child work, Creating Abundance, Vision Boards, Mandalas, and more) and teaches classes to help others create more harmony in their mental & emotional aspects.

Harmonizing Wellness Institute provides the instruments (tools) to orchestrate your overall physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual harmony. Nina has appointments & classes available where she uses her hands or skills as the tools to help tune your physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual beings so you are no longer in discord (or pain!). 

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