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TimeWaver Optimization

The foundation of the TimeWaver system, how consciousness interacts with matter, is to be found in quantum physics and depth psychology. The connection between the two, according to the German physicist Burkhard Heim, is the Information Field. Since its founding in 2007, TimeWaver has been constantly developing new systems and innovative concepts, and is engaged in research and advancement of Information Field science. 


The TimeWaver uses quantum physics to access your energy field.  Over 40,000 databases are available to determine what you need the most to heal yourself or help you with your goals.  After completing the analysis of your energy field, which can be done in person or remotely, the system then sends you that healing, harmonizing, optimizing energy on a daily schedule without you having to do a thing!  Notice changes in your thoughts, attitudes, physical body, lifestyle, business, work life, relationships, and more with the help of the TimeWaver

The deepest level of balancing

The special feature of the TimeWaver is both the analysis and balancing of the invisible influences that affect us in all life areas: from the physical to the energetic flow and regulation, to frequencies, to the psyche, and in certain circumstances, to inherited basic dispositions.

The whole person

TimeWaver works holistically and identifies what is lacking at each level as well as what is needed to bring your whole being back into harmony. It considers not only the bodily correlations found in the Information Field, but also the energy and information levels. We can analyze the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your being.  A problem you have physically may have ties to an emotional trauma from the past.  TimeWaver can identify that and send you the healing energy to resolve the trauma and thereby improve the physical problem.

After the focused analysis, you will receive a 'dose' of the energy you need to optimize your system right away.  Then I set up TimeWaver to send you additional 'doses' of healing energy on a regular schedule for the upcoming 4 weeks. Because we recorded your energy at the beginning of the session, TimeWaver can connect with your information/energy field anywhere in the world any time of day with no effort on your part.  TimeWaver is working 24x7 to bring your whole being back into harmony and balance.

Who Uses TimeWaver

TimeWaver has its origins in complementary medicine and offers a technology that can give you access to background information concerning various life areas.

TimeWaver Information Field technology is already being used by approximately 1,500 doctors, naturopaths and other therapists around the world. I use TimeWaver to attain holistic balance and understand interdependencies between various life areas.

According to my experience, TimeWaver technology is applicable not only with individuals, but with all systems that act together with conscious intention or intelligence, such as families, companies, animals, plants or buildings.

Numerous architects, farmers, veterinarians, psychologists, coaches, business consultants and many other non-medical professionals already work with TimeWaver.

Body Balancing

According to our understanding, every organ has an electromagnetic energy field, which is caused by vibration of electrical charges. The Organ coherence analysis intends to analyze the quality of this energy field in the Information Field, checking the linkages of the respective organs to the intact Information Field of the client. With just one click you get an insight into which group of organs, according to this model, are either over or under regulated, and which ones are balanced and coherent. We can look at the organs or systems that are over or under regulated and immediately give you a boost to help bring them back into balance.  Then we can dive deeper into the cause of the imbalance and treat that too!

Organ Coherence

Virtual Acupuncture

According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), meridians are the “keys” to the organs where stress and other disturbances can lead to blockages in the energy supply. Among thousands of energy and acupuncture points, the Meridian module analyzes in the Information Field which should be stimulated for the treatment. The software allows for the placement of “virtual needles”, which are then used to stimulate the meridians in the Information Field.

Chakra Balancing

Chakras are energy centers in the body.  Energy needs to flow freely through the chakras in order to be healthy.  Problems in the chakras can result in physical, mental, and emotional problems.  TimeWaver can identify the state of each chakra and can even show you your chakras in real time.  As you think about shifting energy in one chakra, you can see it change on the computer screen.  If energy in a chakra is too chaotic or too sluggish, TimeWaver can identify the cause and send healing energy to resolve it.

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