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TimeWaver Reviews:

"I'm so grateful to have met Nina - best massages and the Timewaver has started such an incredible journey of discovery for me into the power of energy and our connection not just to our family and friends but to every person and thing on this planet and in this universe. We all have the power to tap into that collective consciousness." --Robyn R.

"I feel absolutely amazing today.  There's an incredibly noticeable difference physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Thank you so much for introducing me to this, it's awesome"--TC

"My anxiety is gone! This is a totally new feeling, I'm not sure what to do with it!" -- AT

"I've definitely changed since I started working with TimeWaver several months ago.  But what surprised me is that my digestive system is working better and we didn't even do any analysis for that!" --KB

Massage Reviews:

"Very relaxing massage that also made me focus mentally and allowed me to focus on areas of improvement" --Anonymous

"A gifted healer with talented hands and refined sensitivity. Kind, warm, receptive..." --Anonymous

"Nina is very skilled at Lymphatic massage. She provides At Home education after each session and her personality is very welcoming." --Ariel A

"Your massage was wonderful" --Anonymous

"Nina's calm gentle demeanor helped me to relax. Her explanations were a welcomed touch. The music, heated table and candles all helped to helped me to feel at ease and to tune in to my body. Will definitely return." --Tammy P.

"After only a 20 minute session, I no longer have the pain in my back that I've had for 20 years."--Marjorie

"While she was doing Myofascial Release on my back, it felt like a waterfall all the way down to my feet!" -- JM

"I've had massages before and the effects only last a few hours, if that.  With Myofascial Release, I just started and the effects have lasted about 5 days!" - SS

"One session and the pain in my right shoulder is gone!" --Anonymous

"Nina has Magic Hands!" --Rivka


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