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Welcome to Harmonizing Wellness Institute!

Are you "In Tune" with yourself?

Let me help you tune in to your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions.  We will work together, like a conductor and musician, to tune each dimension of yourself into perfect harmony.

Being In Tune: A violin has 4 strings that must be tuned each time before it is played.  Sometimes the strings are a little sharp, sometimes a little flat, sometimes they are still in tune from the previous tuning.  But before each performance, the musician checks and makes adjustments depending on what they find so that the music played is always in harmony.

You have 4 dimensions: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  Like the violin, sometimes one dimension of you is a little stronger/higher (sharp) or weaker/lower (flat) than the others.  They are not always in harmony with each other.  Sometimes you put a lot of effort into your physical well-being, but the emotional or spiritual dimension may not be getting attention or development.

Before each performance, that is the beginning of each day, you need to tune in to each dimension of yourself and check for harmony. Take note of any discord or dis-harmonies and make adjustments to your day depending on what you find.

Harmonizing Wellness Institute is here to help you bring attention to each dimension of yourself and make the adjustments necessary to be in harmony like a finely tuned instrument ready for whatever may come.

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